In my Grandmother’s house, I found some surprising things in the ductworks

When my Grandmother passed away last year, I was the lady who was put in charge of cleaning out her house… If you knew my Grandmother, then you suppose that she saved almost everything, her home was certainly full of things from top to bottom! So you could say that cleaning out the home was a major task. I didn’t certainly mind doing it, though. It was certainly something that made myself and others assume closer to my Grandma. One of the things that I did first was clean off the tops of all of the heating vents and the a/c vents; My Grandma had put books and magazines on top of the heating and a/c vents in the home and so everything was certainly stuffy, then the air quality in my Grandma’s home was just exhausting and I guess that having stuff on top of the air vents had a lot to do with it. One I got all of the stuff cleared off the tops of the air vents, I boxed it all up and started on my next project. I wanted to give the Heating and Air Conditioning idea a opening to run regularly, so I decided to clean the dust and debris out of the ductworks next… When I went upstairs to her dining room, I took the vent covers off of the ductwork in the corner of her dining room. When I went to vacuum out the ductwork, I noticed that there was something inside of the vent. It was a box. When I pulled it out and opened it up, I found a dozen gold bars inside! I’m rich now, and I’m not telling anyone else in my family what I found. They should have volunteered to help myself and others clean out the house!


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