It has been a little difficult finding an HVAC company to repair my air conditioner

It has been a little bit difficult finding an HVAC company to repair my air conditioner. I have been trying to get one to come out for about four afternoons now. I have called all of the companies in my area, however they are all so busy that they are booked for at least a week out. I am willing to wait a week for air conditioning if I have to, but I was sort of hoping to find an HVAC company that could come sooner. Well, in trying to do so, I have made it an even longer wait for myself because it has already been four afternoons, plus I have not booked an appointment with any of the HVAC companies; Now, I have to make an appointment, plus wait a week. It was awful thinking on my part, so I suppose I will have to be without air conditioning for another week or so. It is miserably sizzling in my house, plus I am rather irritated because of it. I wish I knew an HVAC business personally that I could hire to come plus repair my air conditioner sooner, but I don’t know any HVAC businesss. My dad can repair various things, although he said that he has consistently shied away from HVAC related work. I don’t know why he doesn’t like to do HVAC work because he does just about everything else. I know I am about out of luck. I am just going to have to wait for air conditioning even if it isn’t going to be easy.
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