It's time to think about retirement

I’m getting older and I have to start making decisions that are difficult.

One of those decisions is knowing when to retire.

I don’t have to worry about money, because I own my own business. I can retire anytime and leave everything to my son. We work together at the furnace and AC repair business. I started the furnace repair business years ago and then my son joined me in the business after he spent eight years in the military. Together, we have built a seriously large commercial heating and AC business and we are well known throughout the tri county area. I’ve been considering retirement because my hands are starting to shake badly. It’s not affecting my job performance right now, but the tremors are clearly noticeable at all times. I’m worried that a customer will notice the problem and lose faith in the business. I talked to my son a few months ago and he isn’t ready for me to retire yet, but we are working on a plan that includes finding someone to help out inside the store. I don’t want Danny to feel abandoned, but I think it is time for me to settle down and relax. I would love to buy a boat and go fishing every weekend. I think my wife would love that idea as well. We bought a lake house with a dock thirteen years ago and we’ve only had the chance to use the place a handful of times. We haven’t had much time together and I know she would love for me to retire soon.



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