Jogging in good air quality

In the spring time months of the year one of the things I like to do is take jogs in the morning.

The reason I like to do this in the spring time months of the year is because that is the time of the year where the air quality is real great! Having good air quality and jogging is the best feeling in the world.

Also it is more safe and healthy to jog that time of the year because you body is taking in all that great air quality. The air quality is the catch to all of this. In the other times of the year I do some indoor jogging at this fitness center here in the area. But in the spring time months of the year I do all my jogging in the morning while taking in all the great air quality that is all around. Other times of the year it is either way too hot or way too cold to be jogging even though that the air quality is good most of the time all year round. But in the spring the air quality is so good that it makes it so the time is then to do this. I really take great pride in breathing in all the good air quality that I can because it helps me feel better and more wonderful each day. On the rare chance that we have bad air quality in my area, it makes me feel kind of tired all the time and almost sick. But for those type of days in my home I do have a portable air purification system.

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