Loving crossfit program

I was attending a class at the YMCA, when a friend mentioned joining a CrossFit gym.

At the time, I did not know much about CrossFit.

I had heard of it and it sounded interesting. I agreed to attend a free introductory class for beginners. The philosophy of CrossFit is to utilize a variety of training styles and exercises. I loved it. After the first training session, I knew this new exercise program was what I needed to take my fitness to a higher level. I appreciate the high intensity workouts. I feel accomplished when I am done. I have tried to convince my girlfriend to join me at the CrossFit gym. She prefers a more traditional way of working out. I head to the gym four to five times per week. I usually coordinate to go to CrossFit at the same time my girlfriend attends her yoga classes. I have tried her yoga class. I found it really relaxing. It offers a beneficial stretch and helps with balance, range of motion and flexibility. There is a lot of mental meditation included that works to alleviate stress. However, at the end of the class, I still felt like I needed to workout. I wasn’t sweaty or tired in any way. I couldn’t have burned more than 100 calories. After my CrossFit training, I am drenched in sweat and can barely move. I know that I’ve pushed my body to the limit. I have seen significant improvement in my endurance and muscle tone.


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