Month to month lease while looking for a condo

I recently moved down south to be with the rest of our family, however my dream was to live in the town right next door to our sibling, or at least on the same street! Sadly, I had been having trouble finding the perfect dream home.

At first I thought I was going to need to rent an apartment. All the rentals I looked at wanted a year lease. Additionally, none of the arenas were furnished. I did not want to buy a couch, kitchen set as well as bed when I planned to move as soon as I found a house. I wanted to buy quality furniture as well as have it delivered only a single time, the apartments were also legitimately small, dated as well as not in a superb area. Thankfully after a bit of research I found that there are short term rentals in the city. I found a fully furnished lake house that offered a month to month lease. This was literally the perfect solution to all our issues. I did not have to buy a single thing. I just drove our vehicle packed full of our clothing as well as I was all set. Each month I would make it a point to look around our sibling’s area at houses. If I did not find a lake house I liked, I would sign up for another month in the apartment. Everything was brand current as well as worked like a charm. The Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C was fully ran tests on, the water pressure in the shower was great as well as all the kitchen appliances worked, but when I did find the right lake house for me, I was a little sad to leave our fully furnished apartment.

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