My buddy is reckless with Heating plus A/C

Have you ever met someone who is just rough with everything, including the things they owned? My buddy is just like that, and she recently bought a new phone, and she has only had it for a few months, and it already has a big crack in the screen, i suggest getting a case to prevent this from happening, although she doesn’t see the point.

It seems that everything she owns, she ends up chopping at some point or another… Lately it has been this way with her heating and air conditioner, and yes, even her Heating plus A/C device is not spared.

She has somehow managed to split her cooling system device, and if I were to recognize why, it is because she never took Heating plus A/C service or cooling system tune ups easily seriously, but nor did she clean out the air filter all that often; Basically, she did everything you weren’t supposed to do with the heating and cooling machine. She was just easily careless with the entire heat and cooling system unit, however well, now she is paying for it, quite literally. Last I talked to him, she was telling me about how she was having her heat and cooling system device updated and getting a new one installed instead, although the heat and air conditioning device is not a living being, I can’t help however to feel sorry for anything she owns, as it’s not going to be well taken care of. I give it another 5-8 years, before she needs another heating and cooling system machine.


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