My daughter wants to put A/C out in the barn

My daughter is completely crazy about her little miniature fainting goats.

She’s had these goats for about six months now, and they are all that she can think about most of the time.

She’s really good at taking care of them and they seem to be teaching her a lot of responsibility, though. I guess I’m glad that she got them, even though sometimes the whole goat life can be somewhat annoying. I have had to draw the line somewhere, though, and that was when she started bugging me about the fact that she wants to put a heating and cooling system out in the barn for the goats. I keep telling her that it’s not necessary and that goats don’t need heating and air conditioning the way that humans do because they are animals, but she doesn’t see it that way at all. She seems to think that her little baby goats need to have an HVAC system out there in the barn just like the one that we have in the house. I think that it’s a completely ridiculous concept, but she keeps complaining about it all the time. This summer it’s been particularly hot, and I think that she’s afraid that the little goats will overheat out there in the barn without air conditioning. I told her that it would cost us a fortune to put air conditioning out in the barn, but she said that she will forgo her allowance for all eternity if we can just put an air conditioning system out in the barn.


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