My daughter’s school has been irresponsible by not having their HVAC system checked

My children at school are allowed to dress up in costumes.

  • Each child’s parents or guardians are supposed to go to the store to buy costumes their child can wear to school.

The children usually love this. Dressing up to be someone else is fun. It encourages imagination. This year we were advised to buy a costume that was not too warm to wear. The HVAC system at the school had been having some issues lately. It did not need to be replaced but was turning on and off. They did not know how to fix it. I bought my daughter a ballerina outfit and sent her to school with a sweater. I did not want her to be cold. They were saying the school had been very warm lately. My daughter came home from school that day and said it was freezing. They had to supply all of the kids with extra clothes so they would be warm. I thought that was just crazy. They really need to get this HVAC system problem solved because I will never know what to dress my daughter in. I do not want her to be too cold or too warm. This is not something I should always have to worry about. As parents we have enough to worry about. Im sure the school has not even called an HVAC professional. They would surely be able to figure out the problem. I just couldn’t believe the school was being so irresponsible with this. I wish I was on the school board so I could take care of it myself.

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