My friend switching from a fuel oil furnace to a wood burning furnace

When I’m talking on the phone to my best friend from college we are on the phone for at least a good two hours or so. We try to catch up every month and there’s a lot to catch up on in those two hours. You would be surprised on how much happens in one month. In one month my friend ended up switching her fuel oil furnace to a wood burning furnace. I had no idea on what she was talking about until she dummed it down for me and told me that I had a fuel oil furnace. I know that every 6 months or so I have to call my fuel guy to fill up my fuel tank for my heating system but I had no idea on how the thing works. He told me that since his fuel oil furnace was on its last leg he wanted to try something different, something a little more cost effective. So he switched from a fuel oil furnace to a wood burning furnace. He told me that a wood burning furnace is a furnace that uses wood and a fuel oil furnace uses fuel oil. I told him that I knew that and I didn’t need that kind of explanation! I wanted to know if a wood burning furnace still needed air ducts. He told me yes that you could have air ducts installed but also you don’t need air ducts installed but if you already have central air you might as well have the air ducts installed. He also told me that he lives in a very wooded area so it was more cost effective to do that then to have fuel oil be filled to heat his home.

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