My grandparents were very happy to see me

I informed them such sounds meant something was wrong with the cooling system

Grandpa was not listening to any of my excuses when I told him I couldn’t go to visit. He wanted us to catch up, and show me some of the new calves born into his herd. I’d made the mistake of telling him I was working from home. So, he went ahead and got Wi-Fi for his house. That’s when all my excuses ran out, and I drove to the farm to see him. The drive lasted 3 hours, and each hour he’d call to ask how far away I was! After high school, I’d moved away to pursue my business, and I knew it broke his heart a little. Grandma and grandpa were waiting for me when I arrived with the biggest smiles ever. Grandpa took my bin and led me into the arena where a feast was waiting for me. All the way, they kept admonishing me for taking too long to come and visit them. As we were eating, I heard the A/C plan in their apartment making a funny noise. I asked grandpa how long the a/c had been making that noise. He told me it was several weeks. Now it was my turn to admonish them for taking too long to get the air conditioning unit checked out. I informed them such sounds meant something was wrong with the cooling system. Grandpa offered me contacts for their A/C repair person, and I called him. He said he’d come to the farm the following day to inspect the system. After the inspection, the a/c mechanic said the issue was a filthy air filter



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