My husband doesn’t want the A/C running when he’s sick

When he is sick with a cold or allergies or something like that, my husband turns into the world’s biggest baby.

I don’t know what it is about him, but when he’s sick he just drives me crazy.

He acts like he’s the only guy in the world who has ever had a cold. It’s bad enough during the winter when he has a cold, but in the summer it’s even worse. I know that summertime colds are annoying and they make you feel terrible, but my husband really takes it to extremes if you ask me. He goes around whining and complaining and the worst part of it is the way he feels about the air conditioning whenever he is sick. He vows and declares that running the central air conditioning in our house makes him feel even worse whenever he is feeling bad. He says that the cold air from the air conditioning just goes right into his lungs and it gives him a chill all over. I think he’s being more than a little dramatic, but usually I try to humor him. Usually just to keep him quiet, I will turn the thermostat temperature up so that the air conditioning won’t kick on as often. The problem with this is that during the summer when the temperatures outside are really hot, his issue with the A/C just serves to make the rest of us feel miserable! Sometimes I think that he just complains about the A/C to make sure that the rest of the family is as miserable as he is when he has a cold.

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