My sibling is pretty much on my back always about the air filters

I’m a young person, residing life the way I want to as well as I don’t have the pressures of residing at the dwelling with my parents anymore.

  • My sibling comes over often though as well as makes regular comments about my well-being as well as such.

I usually just pass it off as nothing but it does bother me that he does it on a regular basis. I play lots of video games, I don’t care to get outside as well as go to the beach. I don’t like the sunlight as well as the heat of the outdoors either. I prefer my air conditioning but these last few months it’s been relatively clunky. I am pretty sure about the reason why, it’s the a/c filters but I honestly don’t want to spend money on something I can’t have a good time with. Air quality isn’t essential to me but others feel I’m in the wrong here as well as I just don’t care enough about my living environment. I prefer getting takeout, plugging my headset in, as well as doing my thing in the online shooter world. It’s something that I prefer as well as like I said previously, I’m young. As a matter of fact, I’m only 22 years of age as well as people need to understand I’m really trying to live the life I prefer now because as I get older, I’ll have responsibilities that will take me away from this enjoyable life. I easily look forward to the mornings of being a father as well as having a fiance but that is so far down the road, I don’t even stop to really think about it. I would say I’m not even an eligible bachelor which is good with me. I think those air filters should be changed but that is a concern I can worry about at another time.


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