Needing to install a dehumidifier because of bugs and mold

A nice warm area is where bugs and mold like to reside and grow.

My house has been a wreck as of lately. My children leave their stuff everywhere. I can’t keep up with cleaning the house. I am so busy I have not had time to do laundry. There are so many things I do not feel like doing. As a result of me not cleaning I have noticed some mold growing in our home. I thought that couldn’t be good. I cleaned it up right away. We do not have air conditioning so it could be from the ewrm moisture our house gets sometimes in the summer. I also saw that the walls were peeling a little bit. There was a lot of condensation on the was and I could feel it being wet. I called an HVAC company to take care of this problem. Right after I called, I noticed that we have had more bugs in our house lately than we ever have. I was not sure why this problem was just arising now when we have never had air conditioning or anything. I did not plan on getting air conditioning though. I simply just wanted to get a dehumidifier to get rid of everything in the house. The dehumidifier would work because it gets rid of the excess moisture the house has. This excess moisture is what brings the bugs and the mold into the home. A nice warm area is where bugs and mold like to reside and grow. That was not going to be our home anymore though. I was at least taking care of the issue and not letting it go. Now I need to actually clean up the house.

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