Old air conditioner was in the dumpster

When I went to take out our trash the other day I noticed that our buddy had thrown something big and bulky in his trash can, but I did not want to go and dig through his trash for my curiosity.

It honestly got the best of me though, and I could not tell for sure but it looked like it might have been a cooling system.

That made myself and others wonder why in the world would somebody throw away a perfectly nice a/c unit unless it was one that did not work. This was our immediate assumption when I saw that it was an a/c unit in the trash, and yes I got close to the trash can to get a better look at it. I felt odd doing it, as I did not want our buddy to think I was odd or wanting to go through his trash. Even though I just had to know what this was and why someone would throw away a cooling system like this one. From what I could get from it it looked like it was a window AC system. It was a nice one too, one of the ones that would be more expensive at a local heating and AC business. I attempted to get an even closer look, however this turned out to be a mistake because our neighbor saw me this time! He saw me staring at his a/c in the trash, and he said it still works but he just had no use for it. I was shocked when he told myself and others that he would be willing to give me an entire a/c unit for free. I must have looked kind of creepy when I was doing all this because I had been hiding behind some bushes, even though I came out and acted normal and told him that I genuinely appreciated him giving me the AC unit for free. Then I took it out of his trash can and ran out of there like a nutty person. When I took it inside and tried it, he was right, it was in perfect condition and I just got a free AC system.


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