Our new condo association fixes the A/C for us

I think that the best thing, hands down, about the new condo association where we live is the fact that they fix the air conditioning for us whenever it tears up.

Back when we were living in our own stand alone residential house, I didn’t have anything like that.

Any time that the air conditioning, heating system, or the ventilation system tore up, I had to figure out what I was going to do all by myself. I usually ended up calling one of the local HVAC companies and they would have to come out and assess the situation, give me an estimate, wait for the parts to come in, and then come back and do the actual heating or A/C repair work. The whole thing was always very time consuming and annoying. I always felt like I had a second job or something every time that I had to get a heating or cooling repair done in our old house. Not only that, but I would also have to miss work so that I could be at home when the HVAC maintenance technician was coming. It was always such a big hassle for us. Whenever we moved into the new condo community, they told me that the HVAC maintenance and service plan was completely included in the fees for the condo. When I heard that, I could have just jumped for joy! I don’t ever have to worry about getting the air conditioning fixed again and it’s none too soon, honestly! I can’t wait to let them handle everything for me whenever I have any problems with my HVAC system.
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