Overusing your AC could result in health complications – beware

Everything should be used in moderation, including your air conditioning unit.

When your AC runs all year round without rest, it is likely to break down and serve you for a shorter period than it possibly would.

Besides that, you are likely to attract health complications if you run your AC throughout. If the high utility bills you get at the end of the month are not enough to make you change, then the following health issues should. One of the things that could potentially happen is that the AC could lead to high pollutant levels in your house. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not understand that indoor pollution can be more complex than outdoor pollution because you spend more time indoors. The HVAC system can trigger this pollution. Most air conditioning units become less efficient with time. Overworking the unit makes it worse since it hinders the efficiency of some of the unit’s roles. One of the first aspects that are affected is ventilation and filtration. When the AC fails to work correctly, it affects air circulation, which interferes with air quality. Prolonged exposure to the AC leads to air dryness which may cause flaky and itchy skin. Note that the AC tends to lower the humidity level in the air. This may contribute to comfort levels in summer but can also lead to the nasal passage and skin dryness. Your AC could also be the reason you are constantly suffering from respiratory issues. When nasal passages dry, they trigger irritation and expose you to fatigue and respiratory complications. You may also develop heat intolerance which becomes a problem when you are exposed to the sun if you overuse your AC.