Preferring to handle air conditioner maintenance myself

When the company showed up to install it, I realized they’d brought the wrong model

I like to handle as much of the household upkeep as I can manage. I prefer not to spend money hiring a professional to perform jobs I’m capable of figuring out on my own. I can often watch a few youtube videos and learn how to complete a task. I’m capable of draining the hot water tank, cleaning the dryer vent and cleaning the eaves along the roof. I’ve learned how to snake a drain, replace windows and hook up a washing machine. Recognizing the importance of regular upkeep for the heating and cooling system, I’ve taught myself how to do everything from change the air filter to clean the evaporator coil. My wife and I’d lived in our house for nearly six years when she suggested we hire a professional HVAC contractor to service the air conditioner. I pointed out that I’d been taking care of that job every spring. My wife was certain that the air conditioner would benefit from the attention of a licensed professional. She went ahead and hired a local contractor to complete a full inspection, cleaning and tuning of the cooling system. An hour after the guy left, the air conditioner quit completely. She called him back and paid a diagnostic fee to find out we needed a whole new cooling system. She hired a different contractor for a second opinion and was told the same thing. We ended up investing in a brand new air conditioner. When the company showed up to install it, I realized they’d brought the wrong model. They were planning to install a smaller, less expensive air conditioner instead of the one we’d already paid for.

Air conditioner installation