Replacing my thermostat because the HVAC system was working inconsistently

Have you ever had those week where you are strong and eat so well and go to the gym.

Then a short week in between, you fall out of it. You eat poorly and stop going to the gym. Soon after though, you are right back at it again. Don’t you ever wish you could stay consistent? I sure do. I wish my HVAC system would stay consistent too. I have had enough of it. I think it may be time to replace the whole system. One week it works perfectly fine. The next week I have trouble getting it to kick on. I have trouble getting it to remain at the same temperature. Sometimes, I can’t even get the system to go to the temperature I want it too. The next week though, the HVAC system works great. I decided I had finally had enough of this. I called an HVAC business nearby to come check out the system. I wanted to know if maybe there was anything they could find. It turned out that my thermostat was actually just not functioning properly. It had nothing to do with my actual HVAC system. I was thankful because I thought it might be expensive if anything. He did replace my thermostat though. I needed to pay for that. As soon as he replaced the thermostat, we tried to turn the system on. It kicked right on. I had no trouble. I just hope it stays this way. I do not want it to be inconsistent like the last one or my gym schedule.

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