Scarlett let the heating expert into my home

Life can be challenging, and it’s hard when things don’t turn out the way we want.

  • When Scarlett was in college, she always wanted to start a business.

So, she worked a part time job writing HVAC articles to earn money for her venture. Scarlett is a good writer and it didn’t take her long to find HVAC companies in need of her services. She takes care of their service page, then proceeds to create blog articles on different HVAC topics. The gig was great, and Scarlett saved enough money to start her business while in school full time. She was so happy to start and I was there to cheer her on. We graduated, and she kept growing which was so impressive. Unfortunately, things came to a screeching halt when the pandemic hit. Scarlett tried desperately to keep her business afloat when the world seemed to come to a stand still. But, eventually she had to close it down because it was eating up all her savings. I asked Scarlett to come stay with me so she wouldn’t have to worry about rent. For a while she was bummed about the failed business and actually felt so depressed. However, she isn’t the kind to give up so easily, and was back writing HVAC articles. Some of the HVAC companies she’s worked for years ago were happy to have Scarlett back, and willing to pay more for her excellent writing skills. I mentioned this should be her new business venture, and she could hire writers. Now, Scarlett has 4 writers working for her, and business is good once more.


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