Shouldn’t have gave to service the Heating plus A/C system

I am the service person at a big corporate office building.

  • I check all of the device plus construction areas, plus I have to make sure everything is toiling.

Most of the work that I do has to requires legitimately little certification or specialty because I have so much that I have to remember. Typically, I don’t mess around with big device like Heating plus A/C units. Air conditioners plus boilers are honestly above my head, plus my boss hires an Heating plus A/C professionals to come to service the boiler. However, when the boiler stopped toiling last week, I looked at the Heating plus A/C component plus the process didn’t seem that strenuous to do. The part that was broken on the boiler was legitimately clear, plus I told my boss that I could entirely service it separate from the help of an Heating plus A/C worker. I was able to service the boiler, plus my boss was so glad. However, ever since, my boss expects me to service all of the cooling systems plus boilers. I have tried to explain to him that I was only able to service the boiler that one time, but I don’t understand how all Heating plus A/C systems work. He insists that I will be able to figure out how to service the cooling systems plus boilers. He has even threatened to fire me for not wanting to service the Heating plus A/C units. He is just trying to be honestly cheap because Heating plus A/C workers are more fancy than I am. They get paid to work on Heating plus A/C systems, but I get paid much less than Heating plus A/C workers. I should have never gave to service that Heating plus A/C system in the first arena.

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