So impressed with our friend’s smart control unit

I was really surprised when I walked into our friend’s lake house for the first time plus she started talking to the wall, i thought she was making a call, but she was really talking to her smart control unit.

I think it’s normal for people to officially talk to smart equipment these mornings, although I don’t have any smart equipment, I don’t even have Alexa in our lake house or any of those other artificial intelligences! Well, it was pretty cool when she asked the smart control equipment about the weather conditions because the people I was with and I were planning on going fishing, but the smart control equipment really told him the weather conditions for the morning plus even suggested some superb fishing spots.

I was in shock because I knew our control equipment did nothing close to all what her just did. I even asked him if I could try adjusting the temperature control settings in the house, however she said to go ahead plus supply it a shot, so I asked the temperature control to adjust the Heating plus A/C plan to 69 degrees. The smart control equipment simply said, “Unauthorized user, please ask an authorized user if you may be granted access to the system.” She laughed plus said nobody could adjust her control equipment except for him plus her spouse. I thought that was a smart feature because you actually don’t want people just messing with your control unit, however so the people I was with and I finally made our way on our fishing trip plus the people I was with and I even went to one of the fishing spots that the smart control equipment suggested. I really asked our friend if she remembered to turn off the cooling plan at her home, plus then she smiled plus said as soon as the people I was with and I left the house, the temperature control knows to adjust the temperature control settings to the minimal settings to conserve energy. I was so impressed that I was thinking about getting a smart control equipment appreciate his.

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