Some guy has been stalking my house

The past three nights I have been having a very creepy experience.

Some guy keeps lurking around my home.

It happens at the same time every night, and nearly every time the exact same thing happens as if it were some kind of script. First a white car will pull up in front of my driveway at exactly 12 am. Then some man in all black will get out and come in my backyard and hide in my bushes for a while. After about an hour he will then go and circle back around and go over to my HVAC unit and he will just stare at it. The final part is when he will go and stare directly into the camera for two straight hours before he returns to his car and drives away. I have called the police on him, however they have been unsuccessful in catching the guy. I can’t say for sure but I do believe that this man is my ex boyfriend. After we broke up, instead of moving on like any normal person would he started stalking me on social media. Now I believe it is him taking it to another level. Oddly enough, he seems to always do something to my heating and cooling unit during his late night visits. I think this is because he knows how much my furnace and air conditioner mean to me. Last year, I spent a lot of money on a very costly total HVAC upgrade. I got a brand new air conditioning unit, and a nice electric furnace that works wonders to keep me warm in the winter. I wouldn’t know any of this was even happening if it weren’t for the security cameras I installed around my home after I noticed strange activity in my yard.

Heater technician