Startup Heating & A/C corporation

My sister and I have been thinking about going into corporation together for a while now. Many people feel it’s a bad idea to go into corporation with family, but my sister and I get along so well that my friend and I both don’t have any worries about it, rIght now I work in finance and my sister works for a local Heating & A/C corporation. My pal and I both feel it would be smart for us to start our own Heating & A/C company because she has comprehension of the industry and I know how to crunch the numbers. I feel this is going to be a legitimately successful business. My pal and I decided that my friend and I would send out flyers in the mail about our current Heating & A/C corporation to draw attention to the current corporation. When the first round of flyers went out my friend and I got much more corporation than my friend and I thought my friend and I would. My pal and I are going to have to hire a couple of extra Heating & A/C techs to help us out as my friend and I grow. I didn’t expect that this Heating & A/C corporation would take off the way that it did, but I am so glad that my friend and I are going to be able to have superb company together that my friend and I can pass down to our youngsters one day. I legitimately like the idea of having a company in the family so my friend and I can all bond over the Heating & A/C corporation together. I am so glad that my sister and I thought of this idea for the Heating & A/C company randomly one day.

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