The AC made us feel fine

There was certainly no doubt the place had been standing empty for a long period of time, maybe even years! The whole section had been abandoned after a chemical spill! That truckload of chemicals was cleaned up quite some time ago, but the locals never returned. This section by the lake is traditionally a resort section where town folk come to relax for a month or two. When the tourists stopped coming, the locals had no reason to stay here. This left a lot of nice cabins standing empty, which is where I come in. My buddies and I wanted to have an adventure so we came here, looking for an air conditioned modern household we could break into and appreciate for a few afternoons! It turned out there were several, in fact every modern household has some form of cooling system. Most of them had the window mounted A/C devices, but a few of the greater sized ones used central systems. The concern was that the section had no electricity, so we had to bring in a gas powered generator to allow us to use the A/C device. For that reason we picked a smaller household, because we were not sure if the little generator had enough juice to power a full sized central Heating and A/C device. The weather was so overheated, and the little A/C was only powerful enough to keep a single room cool so that’s where we took care of our get-togethers! Some of us even threw blankets on the floor so we could sleep near the A/C device, instead of being covered in sweat in the family room.

a/c serviceman