The business has a marketing and social media manager

After many years of doing business, the company that I work for chose to invest cash in the future of the business.

The top management hired a Business Development Manager to help to steer the company to the next level.

The company is part of the construction industry and because it’s family-owned, the top management weren’t open to change. However, after a competitor went through a successful rebranding of its dealer, they had to make some changes. Prior to hiring the Business Development Manager, the company had a Marketing and Social Media person, but that role did nothing to supply useful strategies to the dealer. It didn’t even create partnerships or introduce up-to-date markets for its products and services. However, within 3 months of hiring the Business Development Manager, the company had better merch, up-to-date company logo, newly wrapped vehicles, a modern website, and won better contracts in a completely odd market. The results were immediate, and the Partners regret not taking this action earlier. Sometimes it might seem safer to do things the same way without taking risks. We have all been there, where we feel safer in our comfort zones. The top management of my company felt safe with their space in the industry, so they delayed exploring other options. But hiring the Business Development Manager has taught them to take more risks because the company is now winning and executing contracts with major companies that it was not exposed to before. Of course, this means more profits and the top management are happy with that. Hiring the Business Development Manager was the one of the best things they did for the company after many years.
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