The dogs shed a ton of hair everywhere

When my mom decided to retire and sell the house, she thought about moving to the South.

My mom found a condo in a 55 plus community and she wanted to buy the place and move.

I wasn’t particularly excited about the idea, but I wanted my mom to enjoy the last of her life anywhere that she wanted. The biggest problem with the move was the dogs. My mom was not allowed to have any pets in the new condo. My mom asked me to take both of the dogs so she could move. I wasn’t particularly interested in being responsible for the two dogs, but they were a part of my family and I didn’t want my mom to give them to the pound. I had to pay a $350 fee so I could have the dogs at my apartment. A lot of things have changed since the dogs moved in. I have to get up early in the morning to walk them before I go to work. I spend about $50 a month on food, treats, and toys. The dogs shed a ton of hair everywhere. Even when I vacuum the floors, I still find dog hair and dander on many of the services. I’ve had to change the air filter more frequently since the dogs moved in. The air filter is part of the heating and air conditioning system. The air filter traps all of the indoor contaminants, dust, and hair, so it does not enter the heating and air conditioning system where it may cause damage. I have to change the air filters monthly with the dogs here.

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