The had the time set for 3 pm on a Saturday

My brother is never happy when he schedules services and those to do the work don’t show up on time.

This happened to him last month when he got in touch with his local AC business to schedule an Heating & Air Conditioning tune up and check up for his central heat and a/c unit.

My brother had the time set for 11am on a Saturday when he was home from work. The HVAC contractors never showed up on time and my brother ended up waiting for almost 4 hours before they did. This annoyed him because he had errands to run like he does most Saturdays and the lateness messed up his schedule. My brother knows it wasn’t the AC business’s fault because things happen and a heating and cooling repair could end up being more complicated than they thought. But, he still dislikes it when the service person is late. Especially when it is more than 4 hours which was the case with the heating and air conditioning contractors that were supposed to work on his heat and a/c tune up and check up. Finally, they arrived and got things done and it was all over by around 3pm. My brother got the heating and a/c tune up that he needed, however the rest of the afternoon was spent running all the errands that should have been done that morning. That wasn’t a great day for him.

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