The HVAC experts won’t clean up water unless they have to

When things go bad, they really get terrible.

I own this boiling water heater, and its tank ended up blowing out on me.

There was a major flood all over the basement and I had to find an urgent solution. I got these old rags and placed them all over the floor. As these absorbed most of the moisture, I spoke with the local heating & a/c supplier requesting their most certified heat & a/c technician to come out and mend the fault with the tank of the boiling water heater. The HVAC experts are not going to clean up water unless they have to. So this is why I tried to get as much of it up as I could. The old rags did the trick and when the heat & a/c expert got there he did mend the blow up that happened. I had thought that I’d be forced to buy a modern boiling water heater, but thankfully it was a matter of just doing something with some kind of Heating & A/C tools to repair where the leak hole sprung. I was more than happy that I did not have to buy a modern boiling water heater. Today, a new and modern heating & cooling equipment costs an arm and a leg at the HVAC stores. I didn’t have that kind of money. After fixing the boiling water furnace, everything will be good moving forward with my hot water thanks to the good Heating & A/C specialist that fixed it.