The intense sunshine really takes the life out of me

When my wifey was provided a new professional job with a fairly huge law firm, I sincerely did not want to transport down south… I knew it was a fantastic move for our family, but I absolutely did not want to be so far from my actual parents. I knew they would miss the children plus I knew I would miss them. I did not even anticipate how much I would despise living in the boiling plus humid environments. It’s boiling 8 whole months out of the year, and the sunshine plus the heat make me feel severely sleepy. I used to spend a ton of time working outside in the garden, but now I can barely stay outside for as long as an hour before I’m ready to go indoors plus rest in front of the air conditioner machine. When my wifey plus I bought this residence initially, it had a central air conditioner machine. Still, I was easily thinking it was severely sizzling in the living room. I added a window air conditioner machine to the area so all of us have tremendous cooling in the living room. It’s truly the coolest plus most comfortable room in the entire residence. The kids plus I spend most of our time in that space of the residence, even when they are working on school work. I would certainly appreciate adding a couple of additional ductless A/C units throughout the residence. I suppose the central Heating plus A/C machine installed in this location is too small for the square footage. It genuinely does not seem to cool the whole residence respectfully. With a little bit of added cooling power, all of us could be fairly comfortable all over the house.