The lateness was more than two hours which I loath

I don’t like it when I contact a company for some kind of service and the expert doesn’t come at the agreed time.

I had this happen to me last week when I spoke with someone at the local HVAC company to schedule a HVAC tune up and check up for my central HVAC system. We agreed on 9am on a Tuesday when I was at home. Unfortunately, the heating and air conditioner company wasn’t on time and I had to wait for so long before the expert arrived. I was not amused about this because I had to go to work later so I planned to do a few things before them. I guess it wasn’t the HVAC company’s fault because things happen. A HVAC service could end up being more difficult than expected. But I still don’t like it when I’m inconvenienced when the service person is late, especially when it is many hours like it was with the HVAC expert that was supposed to do my HVAC system tune up and check up. They arrived much later and got things done so it was all over by around 5pm. I got the HVAC tune up that I needed, however I had to head straight to work. Life happens as they say, and my day got messed up in the process.

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