The sun and the heat make me very tired

When my wife was offered a new job with a large law firm, I really didn’t want to move down south.

I knew it was a great opportunity for our family, but I certainly didn’t want to move a thousand miles away from my mom and dad. I knew they would miss the kids and I knew I would miss the two of them. I didn’t really anticipate how much I would detest living in the hot and humid environments. It’s hot 8 months out of the year. The sun and the heat make me feel very tired. I used to spend a lot of time working outside in the garden, but now I can barely stay outside for more than 30 minutes before I’m ready to go indoors and sit in front of the air conditioner. When my wife and I bought this house, it had a central air conditioner. Still, I thought it was extremely warm in the living room. I added a window air conditioner to the space so we have tremendous cooling in the living room. It’s easily the coolest and most comfortable room in the entire house. The kids and I spend most of our day in that part of the house, even when they are working on school projects. I would love to add a couple of additional ductless AC units throughout the place. I think the central HVAC unit installed in this place is too small for the square footage. It really doesn’t seem to cool the whole house properly. With a little bit of added cooling power, we could be very comfortable everywhere.
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