The tank blew on me

When trouble happens, it really can happen! I have a hot water heater, and the heater’s tank ended up completely blowing out on me. There was a major flood all over the basement and I had to act fast. So first I used this vacuum type machine I have at home to start sucking up the water. Then when I got enough out, I called the local heating and air conditioning company to send out one of their most certified heat and a/c specialists to come out and repair the issue with the tank of the hot water heater. The heating and air conditioning specialists are not going to clean up floods unless they have to. So this is why I tried to get as much of it up as I could. It was enough to where when the heat and a/c specialist got there he was able to fix the blow up that happened. I had thought that I was going to have to get a new hot water heater, but luckily it was a matter of just doing something with some kind of HVAC tools to repair where the leak hole sprung. I was really glad that I did not have to buy a new hot water heater. Because any kind of new heating and cooling equipment is pretty expensive when you really think about it. And the less money I have to spend, the better. I am all set now with my hot water heater and everything will be fine moving forward with my heating thanks to the great HVAC specialist that fixed it.


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