Thermostats are not my forte

Yesterday, I made a decision that really wasn’t the best one, looking back on it now.

I have been having concerns with our indoor thermostat and I wanted to control the hot and cold temperatures on our heating and cooling system.

It was a genuinely sizzling hot Summer day and it was frying hot inside the house. I wanted nothing more than to turn on our a/c program so that I could get some relief from the heat. However, it seems that no matter what it was that I tried I just could not get it to work. There was nothing that I could do to get our a/c program to come on. I tried every button on the thermostat and nothing was working. Eventually, I got to a point where I threw my hands up in the air and gave up. I was just going to have to contact one of the heating and AC specialists and have them come out and take a look at it since I wasn’t going to be able to figure this out on my own. Then of course, when I was busy, the heating and AC corporation was not able to come out for an entire week. I think they were pretty busy too with so many other heating and AC customers. So I waited patiently until it was finally our turn, and then a cooling guy came out to take a look at the issue I was having. He walked into the house and turned on the thermostat and told myself and others that it was perfectly fine. I was dumbfounded how it was working perfectly well, when it was clearly not working before. He told me that it simply wasn’t on and he just turned it on. And then our AC program kicked on right away and I felt like such an idiot that I had called and made an appointment with a heating and AC contractor just because the thermostat wasn’t on. I could have fixed this issue myself the entire time, what a waste of time and money.


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