They are cooling reps in the HVAC industry

Watson and Jake will write ten articles each and then head down to the shore for some time to try and wake up.

They made the mistake of getting on Tinder last night for a second, and then several hours later went to bed at 2 am wide awake. They didn’t want to get on Tinder again but their friends told them to give it a try after being single for years. Watson and Jake wanted to take some time off after their last relationships ended but didn’t feel it would turn into years. Watson’s Heating & Air Conditioning rep aunt did the same thing when she was 51, and now at 71 she is still single, which is sad because she will be alone the rest of her life. She got hurt in several relationships and became afraid of dating and now will never date again, which is upsetting because she has a tender heart and is amazing. Their cooling specialist acquaintance told them that when they go too long being alone Watson and Jake will get used to it and end up being alone the rest of their life. They don’t want to be alone and their hearts are still open to loving someone once again. The local corporation near their flat has some pretty ladies working there, who are cooling reps in the industry that they work in, and they would enjoy going on a date with them sometime. Watson and Jake feel they will get the nerve and see if they want to meet them for a walk one afternoon at sunset.
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