Traveling with a coworker

I have to travel a lot for work.

On average, I think that I am going almost two weeks out of the month for the most part.

I know that might seem crazy to some people, but I really like my job so the travel doesn’t bother me much at all. To save money while traveling, my company makes me room with one of my coworkers. Thankfully, we get along really well, but that was not always the case. When my coworker and I started working together about six years ago, there was one thing that really got in the way of us being friends and that was our preference on what to set the HVAC system to in our hotel rooms. I like to sleep with the heat on because I am always freezing cold and I really can’t sleep if the air conditioning is blasting out of the vents. However, my coworker is the exact opposite. She can’t sleep with the heat on and won’t be able to sleep unless the air conditioning is blasting out of the vents. After rooming together a few times we decided that we were going to have to compromise on the temperature of the HVAC system because we would both be miserable if not. So, we decided from that day on that my coworker would sleep in the bed right next to the HVAC system and I would take the bed further away. After coming to this agreement, my coworker and I have become great friends and I couldn’t imagine working without her.

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