VRF systems are gaining popularity

Variable Refrigerant Flow systems are gaining popularity as a space-saving plus efficient means of temperature control! While apartment plus corporation owners in this country are just starting to realize the benefits of VRF systems, the technology has absolutely been around for decades… Europe, Japan, China plus numerous other areas of the world have taken luck of the many rewards for quite some time, however a VRF plan is similar to central a/c in that it is air-cooled plus refrigerant-based plus relies on an outdoor condenser unit, but however, rather than a single, cumbersome plus noisy until delivering air to the entirety of the indoor space, VRF systems are made up of multiple, compact air handlers that can be independently controlled, however it’s called a VRF plan because it has the ability to regulate the amount of refrigerant supplied to each of these air handlers! This innovative technology is able to supply not only cooling plus heating, but provide both simultaneously.

  • Each air handler handles a single zone, plus you can heat 1 section while a/c another.

Even better, the plan takes heat that is created while in the cooling process plus redirects it to any zones that require heating! Plus, VRF systems are especially quiet plus energy efficient because of the variable-speed compressor, which only runs at the necessary capacity to handle current conditions. The compressor detects the precise requirements of each zone plus sends the exact amount of refrigerant to do the task, achieving more consistent comfort plus better humidity control. There’s no tepid or cold spots, no rooms that are a little chilly or boiling, plus no worries over overly dry air or excess moisture.

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