We don’t like calling for service and folks show up late

We don’t like it when you call for some kind of repair and the person is late.

This happened to us recently when we called our local heating & a/c business to schedule an Heating & A/C tune up together with a check up for our central heat & a/c unit.

We had the time set for 1pm on a Sunday when qw got home from church. The heating & a/c business was running behind schedule and we ended up waiting for almost 3 hours before the repair person showed up. We were not ecstatic about this. We had other things to do when we got home from church and this put us back majorly. It even messed up the rest of our night. We are aware it wasn’t the heating & a/c business’s fault because things change and a heating & cooling repair could end up being too hard than expected. But we still don’t like it when we’re the ones who end up with the repair person being late, and especially when it is more than an hour like was with the heating & a/c specialist that was supposed to do our heat & a/c tune up together with check. Finally they arrived and got things done. The work was all over by around 6pm. We got the heating & a/c tune up that we needed, but the rest of the evening was spent running all the errands that should have been done a few hours earlier. Life happens as they say, and that was the case this time around.

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