We have different pricing tiers

The corporation I run offers various pricing tiers.

When people from the community book our services, I offer them our regular price.

When tourists and outsiders book our services, I charge them a very special rate – which is about twice as much as I charge the locals. None of this is written down officially, of course, because it’s in a legal gray area. I’ll talk about it here, although I won’t say the name of our corporation, just in case there is a problem. I don’t even feel guilty about it at all, because the tourists who visit our community tend to be especially wealthy, and don’t seem to prefer spending a few hundred extra dollars on their heating and cooling equipment. In fact I found that rich people are more comfortable being overcharged for Heating and A/C equipment services, as deranged as that seems! To people like me who honestly value a dollar, you look for the finest deals, however to the rich they believe that paying more for Heating and A/C services essentially means you get better results. To them money is everything, so they believe the high-priced Heating and A/C equipment supplier is more reputable than the value brand provider. This is pretty much why I offer more than one Heating and A/C pricing tier, because I don’t have the desire to rip off any of my good friends and neighbors. I like taking care of our community, and offering the finest Heating and A/C repair at a fair price, however for the tourists with money to burn I will take advantage of them if that’s what they want! If this neighborhood ever loses its tourism business, I might have to start raising our Heating and A/C equipment rates for everyone.

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