We really needed the air conditioning to feel alright

There was truly no doubt the location had been standing empty for the longest time, maybe even years! The whole area had been abandoned after a chemical spill. That truckload of chemicals was cleaned up a pretty long while back, but the locals never chose to come back. This area by the lake is traditionally a resort area where the people come to relax for a week or several. Eventually when the tourists stopped coming, the locals had no reason to stick around. This left a lot of actually nice properties standing empty, which is where I come in. My good friends and I were hoping to have an adventure so all of us came here, looking for an air conditioned property all of us could break into and appreciate for a few afternoons. It turned out there were a good amount of them, in fact every property has some form of cooling system. Most of them had the window mounted air conditioner equipment, but a few of the larger properties used central systems. The setback was that the area had no electricity, so all of us had to bring in a gas powered generator to allow us to use the air conditioner equipment. For that reason all of us picked a smaller cabin, because all of us were not sure if the little generator had enough juice to power a huge central Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. The weather was so blazing hot, and the little a/c was only powerful enough to keep just one room cool so that’s where all of us did all our celebrating! We chose to put blankets on the floor so all of us could sleep near the a/c equipment, instead of being covered in sweat in a random room.

Indoor air cleaning system