We use a washable air filter to save the environment

We also make sure to help save the environment where we can

My mom likes to save money anywhere she can. If she can reuse something often, you better believe she will. When we choose which air filter we are going to use, we choose the washable one. The dust basically collects onto the cloth. Then, about every month we clean it off. We give the air filter a good wash. We want it to be as clean as possible, so we can have good air quality for the next month to come. This type of air filter is not as efficient as some of the other ones that you throw away. However, my mom believes that in this world people already throw away enough garbage. We are overfilling the landfills and a washable air filter is an easy way to limit the amount of garbage that comes out of our house. We use the same washable air filter for about six months. We find that after six months the air filter does start to look very dirty. We do not want the air to pass through and grab some of the fine grained dirt along the way. Also, with how dirty it becomes it starts to accumulate more dirt and dust which can cause it to clog faster. If the air filter were to become clogged with dirt and dust, we might regret not changing it because our HVAC system could shut down. That is not something we want for our home. So, our family makes sure that our air filter remains clean. We also make sure to help save the environment where we can. I think by using a washable air filter everyone wins.

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