When being an HVAC repairman proved too much to my inexperienced self

I had a rough couple of days.

  • My HVAC unit broke down a few days ago, and in my attempts to fix it, I might have damaged the entire system.

It all started a few nights ago when I heard the system making weird noises. Because it had been such a long day, I ignored the noises and headed to bed. When I woke up the following day and tried adjusting the temperatures, I discovered that the thermostat was also not working as it should. I called the HVAC business and requested an HVAC professional to check on my HVAC system. I could only manage to get an appointment that was two days away. During this time, I decided to use the internet as my teacher. I opened up the quality HVAC, but the interior looked very complex. I tried looking for components that showed signs of aging or wear, as the internet had suggested, but they all looked to be in the same condition. After hours of trying to fix the system, I resigned to waiting for my appointment. I had numerous HVAC providers work on my previous unit, but since getting this new HVAC equipment, I have always worked with a particular place to handle all my HVAC maintenance needs. It was the same service members that had dealt with the HVAC installation. They were the same people who suggested several HVAC brands. Finally, my appointment day came, and I was surprised to see a very young HVAC repairman standing at my doorway. He worked fast and efficiently and knew so much about quality HVAC equipment. He finished in about an hour. These young professionals did great in helping with indoor comfort.


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