Why can’t the two of us just get together?

Now that I have been away at school for a few weeks I am finally starting to understand why all of our older siblings were adamant to tell me to prefer our time while I was still residing at home, then not only was our life much more simple plus simple back when I was residing back at apartment with our parents, but I also had some say in the heating plus cooling, my father worked as an Heating plus Air Conditioning service tech all of his life plus because of that the two of us had a zoned heating plus cooling plan in the home, and i could keep our room nice plus cool just the way that I love it, plus most people else didn’t have any say in the matter.

Now that I am up at school plus residing with a roommate I am studying for the very first time in our life just how frustrating it can be when you have to conflict plus scrap to control the control component all day! Despite how sentimental I am about keeping the dorm room at a chilly temperature, our roommate is a much larger person than me plus is entirely able to turn up the temperature when he is there, the lack of cool air has led to a dropoff in our overall sleep quality, plus all I want to do is head back apartment where there is zoned heating plus cooling.

I never thought I would consider being an online student, but now that I have experienced school for awhile I might do just that plus head back home!



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