Why was the R22 Freon banned?

It’s now illegal to use R22 freon in air conditioners worldwide. The rule went round on 1st January 2020. I never knew of anything like this until we bought an old lodge in another part of the country. My partner and I had the vision of creating a holiday home. So, we searched for the perfect location when we had ample vacation time. A friend told us of a lodge in the most lovely area surrounded by mountains. Upon further inspection, we too fell in love with the place, placed an offer which was accepted, and it became ours. The next step was to begin minor upgrades since it wasn’t in such bad shape. Also, we had to look into the air conditioning, which we weren’t sure would keep going. The previous owner had been frank with us and explained the current air conditioner was more than a decade old. So, it was prudent we hire an AC specialist to inspect it and evaluate if we needed another unit in the lodge. It took some time for us to locate the right AC business to do the job. The area was pretty remote, but we did find an AC business whose specialty was installing, maintaining, and fixing air conditioning systems in rural or remote locations. All we had to do was cover the cost of mileage for the HVAC specialist. The young guy came on time, and that’s when we learned about the R22 freon, which was quite toxic. There was no salvaging the situation since we didn’t use the air conditioning to put our lives in danger. Instead, we opted to get a new HVAC system for the lodge.

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