Winter is great as a kid

For a kid, winter is great.

Kids get to skip school when it closes after a big snowfall and the day can be spent building snowmen, sledding, having a snowball fight with friends or building a snow fort.

And when it gets too cold, the shelter of a warm house is there to rest up with a cup of hot chocolate. Of course, Mom dealt with wet winter clothes, muddy boots, runny noses, and all the other winter-related tasks that are often under-appreciated. My feelings about winter began to change when I got my first real job fresh out of college. Instead of Mom bundling me up to go sledding, I had to struggle into a bulky winter coat, shovel the walkway and driveway, hope my old frigid car would start, freeze until the car’s heater kicked in and maneuver on slick icy roads that would turn into a salty slush after the salt truck passed by. The commute was bad enough, but my first apartment was a basement unit that had a common HVAC system with the other units above me. The fact that hot air rises was certainly made clear to me as I was barely able to reach 60° F with the thermostat set at 90° F. I was forced to buy long underwear and a thick comforter to keep warm. On one occasion I even set my oven at 450° F and kept the door open to get some relief. Thankfully, those days are behind me and my present house has a wonderful HVAC system that keeps me cool in the summer and very comfortable in the winter. I was even able to give my long underwear to the Salvation Army.


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