Being Second String is Not Easy

The term “second string” is Un-American even in its most pure form as the back-up or second strong violin in the string area of a band. If nothing else, most Americans want to live their lives without having to be second string to anyone or anything. There are a few exceptions that Americans will be okay with, however religious people really play seventh fiddle to their deities plus in the world of athleticism, a backup player can earn lots of currency if not fame by playing second string to the star player. Folks like myself, who seem relegated to being second string players, will often transfer that role unto their pets plus maybe their children. Dogs accept playing second string willingly while cats do so on an individual basis. Young children rapidly outgrow their second string situation especially when they see how easy it is to manipulate a second string mommy. A lot of homeowners suppose they are the first string in their homes but they are not because of current technologies that provide the creature comforts all of us all want to have every day. The best example of such a technology is the current Heating as well as A/C proposal that is the boss in providing comfort all year around. Even the most ardent style A personality will give away second string status to keep the Heating as well as A/C running at its best possible premium performance. The machinery doesn’t care who is in charge, but a wise homeowner will be more than willing to play second string to the qualified Heating as well as A/C professional that is counted on to do the duct cleaning, refrigerant recharge, plus other jobs to keep the Heating as well as A/C unit from being second string.


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