I can’t believe he tried to change the thermostat settings

In the office I work in, we don’t see a ton of new hires! However, recently, there was a new boy who carried himself in a bizarre way than everyone else! It was ridiculous because he just walked over to the thermostat plus cranked up the AC temperature. I had to ask him, “Hey new boy! What do you think you’re doing with the thermostat?” He seemed shocked, so I asked him if he was feeling okay. That’s when he explained that he had recently moved here from the North plus he was used to a colder environment. He thought it was too warm in the office plus he wanted some cool air. I had to warn him that the big boss didn’t enjoy it when someone messed with the temperature control settings. There was no lock on the temperature control because everybody already knew the rules about the temperature control settings. Basically, you didn’t touch the thermostat settings, so the temperature control was always set to 76 degrees. For most of us working here, this feels just fine and we get no complaints. I entirely felt bad for the new boy though because he would have to get used to the temperature control settings that were slightly too hot for him. I told the new boy that he should blast the AC in his apartment all he wanted, however if he wanted to continue working here, he needed to get used to the temperature control settings our boss favorited. He thanked me for the suggestion, plus he entirely listened.

HVAC serviceman