I feel that overall everybody had a nice time at the cabin in the woods

My friends thought I was crazy when I suggested that we rent a cabin out in the wilderness so we could have a relaxing adventure.

I found the perfect cabin online and I showed it to everybody.

Nobody really had the desire to go, but I managed to talk them into going. What really sold me on the cabin was the fact that it had a really nice fireplace. They also had a nice oil furnace so we would not freeze, and I thought nothing could go wrong. Well, when we all ended up going to this cabin, one of the first things my friends were complaining about was the fact that they had no cellphone reception out at this cabin. I said we didn’t need to have cellphone reception anyway because we were trying to have a good time out there. Of course, we didn’t have the internet either and it seemed like everybody was annoyed about this fact, especially my one buddy Ted. Ted prefers to always check up on his HVAC system through the internet connection so he knows if there are any issues. He was freaking out when he wasn’t able to connect remotely to his smart thermostat, even though I had to convince him that his HVAC system would be okay for a little while. It helped when I got a fire going in the fireplace and broke out some drinks and turned on some music with my radio. Everybody was able to relax in front of the fireplace and we enjoyed a peaceful meal together. By the time our trip was over, I was sad to have to go back to civilization, but I think everybody else was happy to get back to their lives filled with technology and the internet.


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