It’s good to be prepared when out on the road, especially with a portable HVAC unit

Whenever I choose to go travelling, I always make sure to bring certain essentials with me.

I have my trusty emergency road kit which includes a lot of essential things. It has a couple of blankets to keep warm and to keep any of my passengers warm in case we break down on the road. There are led flashlights with extra batteries. There is towing rope, a small fire extinguisher, a utility knife, and snacks like beef jerky. It’s really good to have these things, but that’s not all I have. I actually have a few portable HVAC units that work off of a charged battery. The beautiful thing about my portable HVAC units is the fact that they can be recharged with a solar panel which I also keep in the back of my trunk. I have to tell you, I have been broken down before with my trusty HVAC units and they work so well in such a small space like my car. I was able to keep nice and warm while I was waiting for roadside assistance to come help me out. It’s great to have an emergency roadside pack like mine, but it’s so much better when you have a portable HVAC unit with you! I have even used the portable HVAC units for camping purposes and they’re so nice to have. I hope others will see how pressing it is to be prepared no matter what happens out there on the road. I don’t want to see anybody freezing out there or roasting to death!

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