I made the problem far worse trying to repair it

I honestly thought that I could repair the furnace in my home without the help of a professional repair service.

The furnace stopped heating, I immediately went online to troubleshoot the issue.

I found a lot of useful and helpful websites and videos. I thought that I had the problem narrowed down to a couple of things, so I decided to take the furnace apart to make the repair. I had a video on my phone to help me with every step. Unfortunately, my furnace did not look exactly like the one in the video and it made it extremely difficult to take the machine apart. I was certain that the issue was a faulty flame sensor, so I carefully removed the old one and took the part to a hardware store to find a replacement. Unfortunately, the hardware store did not have the right part for my furnace. The guy behind the desk told me that they do not normally stock furnace parts like flame sensors. The guy suggested calling a professional HVAC company.When I called the HVAC repair service, the first thing they did was offer to fix the issue for me. I tried to tell the lady on the phone that I only needed to purchase a spare part, but she still sent a technician. The guy delivered the flame sensor and I decided to let him make the repair since it was only $150. I would have been able to make the exchange on my own, but the professional was already in my home. It seemed crazy to make him leave and then do it on my own.


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